Check-Out Policy

All patrons should have their library cards with them when checking out items. Because our library system is statewide, the percentage of errors increases significantly  when patrons do not have their library cards.  The possibilities of ‘same names’ exist throughout the state.  Patrons could accidently be charged with items that they had never checked out.  Subsequently, fees could inadvertently be accumulated into their library accounts.

Bellaire Public Library patrons, who have no form of I.D., can check out items if two (2) or more staff members know them.  When the system is down, “holds” can still be manually created for these Bellaire patrons as well as those who have their library cards.  To help eliminate errors, however, no “holds” are created for unfamiliar patrons without library cards or any other kind of I.D. when the system is down.

Patrons can request renewal of items via phone even without their library cards.   However, if patrons want to place “holds” on items over the phone, they should have their library cards available so that their information can be correctly and readily pulled up.  If patrons do not have their library cards when requesting “holds”, then staff members should prompt them for additional information such as correct spelling of names, birthdates, addresses, or phone numbers.  Staff should explain that the information is needed so that item(s) is/are not on “hold” in someone else’s similar name.

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