Get a Library Card

Image of a BPL library cardIt's easy to get your Bellaire library card! Just fill out an application and present two forms of identification, one of which shows your current mailing address. 

When you apply for a card for the first time, you will be able to check out two (2) items immediately. Following the return of the first two items, you will be able to check out an additional four (4) items. New borrowers are limited to a maximum of four (4) items checked out at any given time during the first 90 days of using their library card. Also, new borrowers may place one (1) hold/reserve on items not available at Bellaire Public Library during that same time.

Applicants with a temporary address will be limited to checking out one (1) item at a time until a permanent address is established. 

Children and Library Cards:

Children can get library cards with a parent or guardian's signature instead of ID. They must be around five years old and able to write their own name (first and last) on their application, but they can get help with their address and phone number if necessary.

Please Note:

  • If the person who signs for the child has a card with fines or overdue items charged to it, that card must be cleared of all charges before we can issue a card to the child.
  • The library considers it the responsibility of parents or guardians to approve the nature of materials borrowed by youngsters. (Board of Trustees policy 2/19/86)

If we have a record of your library care on file:

If you have had a card at our library before, and we still have record of it on file, we can issue you a new card without mailing it to you. If your card number has expired, we will issue you a new card at no charge. If you still have a valid (current) card number, we will consider this a replacement card and issue you a new card for a 50¢ charge.

If you have a valid, barcoded library card from another local Ohio library:

If you have a valid library card from any of the local Ohio libraries including Martins Ferry, St. Clairsville, Barnesville, Shadyside, Powhatan, Monroe County, Steubenville, and many others, you may use that library card here. You must present the card when checking out library materials. Residents of Ohio county and Marshall county in West Virginia may apply for a Bellaire library card free of charge. 

Lost or Stolen Cards:

If your card is ever lost or stolen, please notify the library immediately. You are responsible for ALL materials checked out on your library card even if someone else used the card. If you let us know that your card has been lost or stolen, we can put a "stop" on that card and issue you a new card with a new number. The missing card then will no longer be a valid card, and you will not be held responsible for anything checked out on it after that date.

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