Wireless Printing From Your Device

Send printouts to the library from your smartphone or computerSend virtually any document or webpage to our printer from your smartphone or internet-connected computer, then pay for your printouts when you get to the library.

All you need is an internet connection and an email address to get started. No extra software or apps are required!


  • Click here: http://www.printeron.net/bpl/main-branch
  • Select "Black and White" copy or "Color" copy
  • Enter your email address — Your email address is used to uniquely identify your print jobs on the Library's end.
  • Select your document from your files or enter the URL of a webpage you want to print
  • Click the green printer icon button to send your file to our printer holding software

When you come to the Library to pick up your printouts, let someone at the circulation desk know you've sent files to be printed wirelessly. Once you pay for your printouts, they will release them from the printing queue. 

Prices for wireless printouts are:

  • .15 per black and white copy
  • .25 per color copy

Just click on the link below and follow the directions to get started. It's easy!


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