Photograph of the 32nd Street entrance mural

Inside the 32nd St. entrance of the original Mellott Memorial Library Building is a ceramic mosaic mural. It was the feeling of the builders that this mural best told the story of the gift of William D. Mellott and James F. Mellott to the people of Bellaire. The mural was designed by The Mosaic Tile Co. of Zanesville, OH and installed by C.A. Glascow and Son, Inc. of Wheeling, WV.

The Lower Half of the Mural

The lower half of the mural portrays the material aspects of their lives which made possible their generosity. 

Here you see:

  • the old Mellott Homestead which was located on Brewery Hill,
  • the First National Bank which was a principal interest in their lives as well as the general business affairs of Belmont Street
  • the Interstate Bridge in the erection of which they were actively engaged
  • also represented are mining, manufacturing, and farming interests which claimed their attention.

The Lower Half of the Mural

The upper half of the mural portrays the cultural, education, spiritual and social advantages that they have made possible for the people of Bellaire through the use of their material achievements. 

To be seen in the upper half are:

  • the open book
  • the lamp of knowledge
  • the world
  • the cosmic represented by the sign of the Zodiac
  • music, science, and mathematics, all of which in a measure are made available to the people of Bellaire, both young and old, through the facilities available in this building.