Historical Collections of Bellaire Public Library

Historical Photograph Collections of Bellaire, Ohio and Belmont County

Daniel L. Frizzi, Jr. Railroad Collection

The Daniel L. Frizzi, Jr. Railroad Collection consists of railroad photographs and digital images taken at various locations over a span of more than 30 years commencing in 1990 and continuing to the present. The photographs and digital images were taken by Daniel L. Frizzi, Jr., as a hobby. Most of the photographs were taken in and around Bellaire, Ohio and the surrounding areas where railroad tracks continued in operation during this period of time. In addition to the local railroad traffic of the Ohio Valley, however, many photographs depict scenes of mountain railroads in West Virginia, western Pennsylvania and Maryland, all of which were taken during this same period of time by the photographer. These mountain railroads include the Class I track operated by CSX between Pittsburgh and Cumberland, Maryland, as well as between Grafton, West Virginia and Cumberland, Maryland.

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  • Volume One: Photographs of Pipe Creek, Holloway Train Station, Saginaw Mine OR&W, and Bellaire area
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  • Volume Two: Photographs of Marietta Coal Tipple, Shoemaker Consol Mine, and Family photographs
  • Volume Three: Photographs of Marietta Coal Tipple, Shoemaker Consol Mine, and Family photographs
  • Volume Four: Photographs of Powhatan Mine Train, Union Pacific Rail, Greenwood Cemetery

Dorothy V. Albasin Collection

  • Photographs of Joe Albasin, his coworkers and mining related activities

Edyth Snyder Collection

  • Personal photographs of family members circa early 1900s

Frank Curtis Railroad Collection

  • Series of photographs of towns, train stations, railways and trains throughout Belmont County and Ohio

Lois Pyle Collection

  • Photographs of buildings, 1907 flood and circus in Wheeling, WV

Membrino Castricone Collection

  • Photographs of Mayor Castricone, 1964-67 and 1972-75

Mrs. Jack Robbins Collection

  • Personal photographs of her husband and family in 1944

The Nancy Ann Robinson Frizzi Postcard Collection

  • Postcards of Bellaire, Ohio street scenes; Bellaire, Ohio buildings and architecture including churches, factories, and public buildings such as schools; Bellaire Park and school campus; Flood scenes; River scenes, bridges, and transportation; Ohio Valley scenes; Railroads, steamships, and airplanes; Bethesda, Ohio and Epworth Park.
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