60th Anniversary of the Bellaire Public Library



History of the Bellaire Public Library

     Before there was a public library in Bellaire, a 'subscription library" existed in a former school building (near the current SS. Cyril and Methodius Russian Orthodox Church at 44th and Noble Streets). Patrons of the library would pay a membership fee and have borrowing privileges. Around 1880, a reading room was also established by School Superintendent Cox in the old Central building, which was razed to make way for the Bellaire High School building in 1926. In 1927, the Bellaire Public Library was founded and moved to the Bellaire High School. School Superintendent , J.V. Nelson, donated books from his personal library.

     Upon the death of William D. Mellott in 1941, and James F. Mellott in 1952, their wills provided money to build a library and community center in memory of their father Amos Mellott and his family. J.E. Giffin, a Mellott Trustee and President of the library board, played a significant role in the creation of the new library. Bids on the new building were offered on May 5, 1959, and the building, the library's present location,  was dedicated on December 17, 1960