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Book Club: The True Tails of Baker and Taylor by Jan Louch

The True Tails of Baker and Taylor - book cover

Join Brooke and Myla on Saturday, February 25th at 10:30 AM for a discussion of this month's book club selection, The True Tails of Baker and Taylor by Jan Louch. The book is available for check-out at the front desk. Stop in and pick up your copy, and join us for February's book club. Please call if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

The True Tails of Baker and Taylor by Jan Louch

It all started with mice in the library.

Assistant librarian Jan Louch and a coworker decided that what the library needed was a cat. Or, even better, two cats. Soon, they found a pair of Scottish Folds who were perfect for the job. Jan named them Baker and Taylor, and they took up residence in the library.

But these cats were much more than mousers. Visitors to the library fell in love with Baker and Taylor and their antics just as Jan had. And then, after Jan let the cats be photographed for a poster, they became feline celebrities. Children from across the country wrote them letters, fans traveled from far and wide to meet them, and they became the most famous library cats in the world.

In The True Tails of Baker and Taylor, Jan Louch looks back and tells the remarkable story of these two marvelous cats and the people—readers, librarians, and cat lovers of all ages—who came together around them.